DECOR Panel Collection


D UNIK Collection are manufactured by laminating an exceptionally durable decorative foil on a Medium Density Board (MDF). The decorative foil can be Acrylic, PET, or PVC which determines the reflective index and smoothness of the panel. The surface smoothness and density of the MDF core contributes greatly towards the quality of the panel. Most of the panels come in double side or single side with backing material that can be a matching color melamine or a pvc film. Use of these panels eliminates the cabinet millwork done in raw mdf which requires spray painting to achieve the desired finish. High gloss panels bring consistent color and texture to the projects and eliminates the need of labor-intensive processes such as sanding and spray finishing. D Builder Store carries a variety of High Gloss, Super Matte, Woodgrain PVC Textured and 3D panels from various suppliers in addition to our own brand of panels called D-Unik Specialty Panels. All manufacturing is done in Europe by quality suppliers and manufactures meeting North American standards.


Whenever something appears professional and complex, but can be implemented intelligently and conveniently, there is often a lot of development work behind it. This is why we are so proud of our SWISSCLIC PANEL material system, which you can easily use to install contemporary cladding on ceilings, walls and partitions in a short amount of time. It is all thanks to our intelligent CLIC system, which does away with special tools so that all you need to do is click the individual panels together seamlessly. The surfaces are robust, easy to maintain and – in addition to two different sizes – also available in the form of sound-absorbing acoustic cladding. This makes them perfect for use in restaurants, trade-fair and shop fittings, as well as apartments and hospitals. In addition to functionality, we provide a selection of high-quality and aesthetic designs, from real mineral surfaces to designs with natural wooden structures.


Oneskin has been created to supply worldwide markets with high quality lacquered boards that open new possibilities in the furniture industry, interior decorations, paneling, and other architectural purposes.
We achieve this objective with our innovative and state-of-the-art production line for lacquering and unique surface treatment of different kinds of boards and panels. Thus, Oneskin panels are available with two exclusive finishes: high gloss and soft touch super matt.
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EURO ECO SERIES is a collection of woodgrain texture products from multiple vendors across Europe. Conforming to the strict north american market standards, this series is an economical solution to commercial, and residential needs.

EURO is our most popular woodgrain texture products. Available in sheet size of 2070mm x 2800mm (81.5″ x 110.23″), 62,38 sq.ft per sheet, it is also available in cut sheet size of 2850mm x 1220mm (4ft x 9ft). D Builders Store offers matching edgetapes in 22mm and 44mm width.